Do you believe in God's Word, do you believe in God's Promises...?

                                       They are for you...  


" Praise the Lord saints: I come before you with what the Lord has given me. When Jesus went on the cross, he shed his BLOOD for our sins, he took everything that concerned us with him, sickness, unforgiveness, hatred, depression, unthankful ness, our sins, and anything else that is not of Jesus. It went with him in the grave, when he rose Easter Sunday Morning he left them there.

Jesus said to remind all that we don't have to beg him to heal, we don't have to plead with him to take action, all we have to do is ask. Jesus said ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you, all of this was given to us by asking (not begging) Jesus is there to do whatever we ask.

I read some of the mail and it really upsets me because we are pleading with God to do what he has already done for us, some say if it be your will to heal, if it be your will to deliver, if it be your will to save, it is the will of our Father to give us good things, to give us health, forgiveness, peace, joy, love, meekness, kindness, happiness, deliverance from depression, deliverance from unforgiving, deliverance from stress, hatred, being bound and in bondage, remember Jesus freed us when he saved and filled us with his SPIRIT.

The enemy would have you to think otherwise, but you know he is a liar. I am asking you in love ask the Lord how to pray, how to seek him on behalf of one another and those that ask for prayer. We are the backbone of this nation, we are what is keeping things in shape, if it were not for us I believe the Lord would do what he did to Sodom and Gomorra.

Jesus I thank you for what you have done, and are about to do, I thank you for the words you have given my for my Church Family, open their hearts to receive what the spirit is saying to them in the name of Jesus. I command their ears be open to hear your voice speaking in the name of Jesus, I command their eyes opened to behold and see what you are trying to show them, the beauty of the fields in Jesus name. Let them know you will do what you said you will do, your will never leave them nor forsake them.

I pray for every person that has asked for prayer, I pray for healing of their bodies, I pray for restoration of families, I pray for restoration in relationships, I pray for peace that pass all understanding in the name of Jesus. I pray for deliverance in the name of Jesus I take authority in the name of Jesus. I give you thanks for what you are about to do, I praise you HOLY name.

Saints this is what the Lord is saying, ask of me saith the Lord, see the great things I will do for you."

Sister in Christ

2. "Now" Prophetic Word: I HAVE REDEEMED THEE: 

"God is letting us know as he told Israel that I have redeemed them, Just as he spoke those words to Israel he is speaking them to us.

Jesus is saying behold I have redeemed thee, your sins I will remember no more, I will confirm my word that have been spoken to you, words that have been spoken to you, words that have been spoken over you it will and have been confirmed says God.

I am the Rock that cannot be moved, says the Lord, I am the repairer of the breach, is there anything to hard for me? Cannot I heal the sick, cannot I deliver those out of bondage, I have promised and I will do, why? Because I have redeemed thee, don't you know that I love you, don't you know I have great plans for you and the body? I am still God and I change not.

I want to redeem my people, you are mine, the body is mine, I am ready to do those things I promised. I am doing a new thing in the lives of my people. You are my elect says the Lord, I am ready to use my children, I am ready to raise up my elect, rise up the elect of Jesus Christ? Rise up.

Remember you have been redeemed from the curse of the Law, your sins are forever gone never to be remembered again for they are under the BLOOD.

Rise shine let the light of Jesus shine through you."

Sister in Christ



Praise the Lord Pastor: I was reading your word, as I was reading the Lord reminded me when he gave me this word of Prophecy May 11, 2000. This is the word because as I read you word it spoke about repentance.

Behold my children, I am calling my children to repentance. I am calling the body, I am calling individuals to repentance.

Behold I am pulling back the covers and showing your nakedness saith the Lord, I the Lord will do this unless you come to repentance. I have spoken once yea I have spoken twice, it is time to come clean so other I have ordained may come forth. I am here to forgive, I am here to cleanse, I am the Lord I change not.

My word say For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the HOLY SPIRIT, and have tasted the good word of God and the POWER of the age to come. If they fall away, to renew them again to repentance. Looking for one to come to repentance but found none. How many times my children must I remind you, you are a chosen vessel of mine, you have been chosen to take the world by storm with my word, my healing, my deliverance. Showing the world and letting them know true repentance bringth salvation, true repentance bringth health healing, happiness, love, peace of mind. That in my Mercy in humility correcting those who are in opposition, I will grant to them repentance.

How will you be able to tell them of my goodness, how can you tell them to live HOLY when you are doing the same? I am the Lord and I change not, behold I stand at the door and knock, open your heart and let me in, I will sup with you, I will show you my love, I am a forgiven God, I am your father, you are my children. A father love his children unconditionally. That is how I feel about you my children.

Again I say it is time to repent, I am calling the nation to repentance, I have spoken this day, I am that I am.

Sister in Christ



Father God in the name of Jesus: I come to you on behalf of my sisters and brothers, children who are suffering from that killer cancer, or any other disease. I plead the BLOOD of Jesus over everyone, I pray a prayer covering over them in the name of Jesus, those who are in our Church Family that are going through great sorrow, those who are going through great sickness, I take authority in the name of Jesus, satan you are being served notice, you are being evicted, no you have been evicted from bodies, minds, spirits, souls now in the name of Jesus. I call forth the Ministering Angels to do battle for those who cannot fight for themselves, I call for the Ministering Angels to comfort those who need comforting, I call forth the healing balm of Jesus Christ to heal and deliver all that are broken hearted in Jesus name.

Jesus you said whatsoever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, I take authority over every evil spirit, every stronghold in the name of Jesus, over every homeless person that is in our group, not only this Family but all over the world, I call forth restoration in the name of Jesus. You know satan your power is nothing, you have no power, Jesus is and has all POWER in his hands. When he shed his BLOOD on the cross, when he arose from the dead victoriously, when he ascended on high to his father and said ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME. When he said that he said it to us we have all power through Jesus Christ.

I thank you for what you are doing and for what you are going to do now in Jesus name. I thank you for your unconditional love you have given me, I thank you for the word of knowledge wisdom, understanding, prophetic word in Jesus name. I thank you for this Church Family who cares for all, who loves all. I praise your name.
God Bless each and every one of you.

Sister in Christ



This is what the Lord gave me a couple of months ago. I was reading your word K. Swiger the Lord brought back what he gave me. So here it is. Someone else mentioned about it after the Lord gave it to me I also sent it to them.

God is truly good, I am so thankful for all that he is doing and about to do for his children and the body of Christ. I was reading about INTIMACY with Jesus. He wants us to be in love with him as he is with us. But do you remember when Jesus was calling his disciples he told Peter follow me I'll make you fishers of men? I had a dream. In this dream I was in this building, in this building there were all kinds of fish. I looked out of my window it was not a river or lake, it was like a small pond. All of a sudden, I saw fishes, small ones, large ones, big ones, and a huge stingray.

That stingray was beautiful, the colors were of rainbow, pink, blue, red, green, yellow, all colors. Someone tossed the stingray in someone's window to give it to them but, they tossed it back out of the window. I caught the fish when it was tossed back out of the window. You know sometime after that the Lord gave me a song in the spirit. The song he gave me was: Fishers of men, I'll make you fishers of men, fishers of men I'll make you fishers of men that's what I'll do. Fishers of men, I'll make you fishers of men that's what I'll do, I'll show you where, I'll tell you when fisher of men that what I'll do. That is just some of what the Lord gave me. That is what the Lord really want to do through us, he want us to be fishers of souls, in order to catch fish you must have a bait, when you cast out your line, you have a worm or something on the line to attract their attention to draw them.

So it is with you and I, the body of Christ. After we catch the souls what do we do? We leave them to fend for themselves, they are not even on strong milk, and have not been taught how to live for the Lord. After they get saved, spirit filled, some churches leave them alone, but we cannot do that we have to feed them the milk of the word, until they are strong enough to eat the meat of the word. We are responsible for their souls for we will be held accountable for them. Fishers of men, I'll make you fishers of men, fishers of men that's what I'll do.

There is so much more the Lord has given me, I don't want to bore anyone. I just praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy. Praise the Lord.

Sister in Christ