"I am Calling you!" says the Lord...


Can't you hear me calling you, can't you hear me calling you, I calling you to a higher place of praise. Have I not told you I have called you for my GLORY, have I not told you to get ready, have I not told you the battle is the Lords?

I have called each of you by your name, I have called you forth, rise up y children, rise up and take your stand. I am standing on the mountain top waiting for you to rise up, I am standing on the mountain top waiting for you to come, as I wait patiently for you my children as I told Moses take off his shoes, yes I am saying take off your shoes for the ground you are standing on is HOLY. You are on HOLY ground saith the Lord, when you come before me remember who I am. I am the first and the last, I am God there is none beside me, make ready my child, get ready for the battles you are fighting belong to me saith the Lord.

I have called you to come forth, I have called you to take my word to the
nations, I have called you to be a light unto the unsaved, unloved, untouched saith the Lord. Can't you hear me calling you, I calling you my children, I am calling you my body. I am calling al who are ready to take that step, I am the way, I am the truth saith the Lord. Fear not for I am with you, I have equipped you my children, your have your ammunition began to use it saith the Lord. Finding excuses is no more, it is time to get busy my children.

I say awake out of sleep, and arise to your calling, awake out of sleep and let the light of the Lord shine through you. Awake my children, arise shine for thy light has come. Hear the words of the Lord. I love you my children, I love you.

Sister in Christ


My children how long will you not obey me, how long will you not believe you have a hiding place in me. It is called the SAFETY ZONE. You are in the safety zone when you are under the shadow of my wings, you are in the safety zone when you read my word, you are in the safety zone when you commit all tome saith the Lord.

To be from under the covering of the SAFETY ZONE the enemy can trample you under his feet, to be from under the covering you will enter into sin. You are never alone when you are standing in the SAFETY ZONE. The safety of my BLOOD, the safety of my love, the safety of my arms around you, the safety of the cross saith the Lord. I have been watching you my children, you are running to and fro as sheep without a shepherd. I have come to tell you don't have to run to and fro for I am standing here at the SAFETY ZONE waiting to protect you saith the Lord.

Remember I always have a way of escape for my children. Come my children, come and abide in the safety of my hands, come and be safe standing in the SAFETY ZONE There are times you might feel alone, you start out on the journey but you start to fall, just remember you have a hiding place, you have that place of safety in Jesus Christ. When all else fails, when friends seem to turn from, when you feel you have no place to go, run into my arm of safety, The SAFETY ZONE.

Sister in Christ



To my Church Family: Being that today is PENTECOST SUNDAY I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT fall anew upon each of us. I pray that the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of Jesus rise up inside of us in the name of Jesus.

I pray that this Church Family that you have called, will continue to draw nearer and nearer to thee. I plead the BLOOD of Jesus over each one of us, I pray a prayer covering over this Church Family and continue to uphold. I come against every stronghold spirit that would try to plant itself here, I bind it, I tie it up I command it to die at the root in Jesus name.

For I the Lord you God have called this group to a place of HOLINESS, I have called you to show other my love. I have called you to rebuke the enemy, to speak healing to the sick, to take dominion over every spirit that is not of my saith the Lord. I have given you your weapons saith the Lord start using what I have given to you. Don't let the enemy invade your territory, don't let him invade your hearts saith the Lord.

I have told you having done all to stand: Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, having on the breastplate of righteousness. Your feet shod with the separation of the gospel of peace. And most of all taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit which is the WORD OF GOD, praying always with all prayer and
supplication in the Spirit. I am the Lord and I change not. Remember my children I love you, no matter what you have done I am here for you and I love. The enemy is under your feet keep him there saith the Lord. Remember use your weapon saith the Lord, I have spoken this day. Thus saith the Lord.

This is what the Lord gave me for this Church Family. The past is the past Jesus remembers them no more, we are to be careful of what we say. ABOVE ALL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Sister in Christ



My children why are you fearful, why are you feeling empty. My children you have left your first love saith the Lord, you have forgotten what it is like to be filled with my spirit to over flowing. You have forgotten how when you first got saved and filled with my SPIRIT. You were on fire for me then, you ran here you ran there, there was no stopping you doing whatever you were doing. But my children what has happened is that you have run out of gas. Yes, you have run out of gas, just as your car when it is empty you have to go to the gas station to get a refill so is it my children you must go to the HOLY SPIRIT GAS STATION to get refilled.

That is why you are feeling empty saith the Lord. It is just as a barrel that have holes in it, you fill it up but the holes continue to drain it out, once the holes are no longer there you can get an abundance of gas and it will just run over on the ground. That is what is missing from your lives my children. You must continue to drink to over flowing. It will over flow but will not run out. Just as the Elijah told the widow woman to get so pots, she got the pots he told her to fill all the pots, she kept filling them, as long as she had the pots the oil kept running, but she had run out of pots. As long as she had something to fill the oil with it kept coming, but when she had no more pots the oil ran out.

Let us not run out of gas Saints, let us keep gassed up. Why are you empty my child, my elect, my chosen one's? go back to the gas pump and get a refill saith the Lord. When the children of Israel left to go to the promised land I promised them: I will give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians and it shall come to pass that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty. This is the promise of the Lord.

Rise my children, rise upon your feet, declare my wondrous works, go refill your tanks. How can you win the battle unless your tanks are full, you cannot start the battle and then fall by the way because you have an empty tank? Be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, be filled with the WORD, Keep OIL in your lamps, stay charged with gas my children, I am still preparing my Army remember stay gassed up, stay gassed up.

Sister in Christ



I will bless you now, I will bless you now saith the Lord. You have done just what I said, you've obeyed my every word, I will bless you now. I made a promise to you those things I will do, I will bless you now, I have been pleased with your work, I have been pleased with your praise, I will bless you now.

You have been weary, you have been tired, you have been tried, but I will bless you now. Sometimes you have felt you were and are all alone, but I am here for you my child, I promised you a long time ago I will never leave you nor forsake you, I will bless you now. For I was with the children of Israel, so shall I be with thee saith the Lord I will bless you now my child.

I have given you special gifts, I have prepared for your trip, I will bless you now. Nothing the enemy can do for I will move on your behalf saith the Lord, I will bless you now.

Sister in Christ



The Lord would have me speak these words: It's a New Season, It's a New Day, fresh Anointing Coming Your Way. It's a season of Power and Prosperity, This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continue be in my mouth. Let all the people of God say yes, yes, yes, and yes. For the Lord would say unto you my children, I am the peace speaker, do you know me by name, if you know me by name show yourself. I am the God that is leading you saith the Lord. I have commanded you to seek peace and pursue it, it is now high time to go about your father's business saith the Lord.

There is much work to be done, I have called you my children to war with the darkness of this world not each other saith the Lord. Have I been so long time with you that you have forgotten my words have I been so far that you cannot remember the children of Israel, what I did when they continue to bicker and complain saith the Lord? I am the Lord I change not. Open your eyes, your spiritual eyes I have so much to show you in the spirit realm, open your eyes and behold my GLORY saith the Lord. Open your ears and listen to me speaking to you my children. Remember your heart, your heart and peoples heart are very delicate, it can break in a moments notice saith the Lord. I am a forgiven God, I am a loving God, I am also a God that will not tolerate hurting of my anointed ones. Those I love I chaste saith the Lord. The enemy desires to shift each of you, I gave you my spirit, your have your weapons, start using what I gave you for fight with. I gave you your armor, I gave you your shield, I gave you your helmet I also gave you the sword, Use it saith the Lord.

I love you my children, I love you unconditionally, I have given and showing the love, do likewise saith the Lord. For remember we are not fighting against flesh, we are fighting against the principality, the ruler of darkness of this world, I am setting up my army now, who's army will you be in saith the Lord. Think about it, who's army will you fight in. My word has gone forth it will not return void, hear what the spirit is saying, I am the Lord I change not. Love ye one another as I have loved you. So be it.

Sister in Christ



Behold I am the Lord your God, I have set before you this day an open door walk into it saith the Lord. Behold I have placed the rainbow in the Church, in your lives to remind you of the promises that have been made to you. I have placed the Ministering Angels into this place saith the Lord. As I told Elijah to rise and eat three times, so am I saying to you rise and eat because the Journey is great, the Journey of people that will com into your lives, the church and the body of Christ. The people will come into this place will be many, saith the Lord. I have put in the midst of the people the unity of love, saith the Lord. Fear not the thing that is happening around you saith the Lord, keep your eyes on me, keep looking up because the GLORY of the Lord is in your lives, in your Churches. I have spoken many times to you saith the Lord, I have told you the things that displease me, I will remove anything out the Churches that is and will cause conflict, I will remove any and everyone that will cause conflict in your lives saith the Lord. Anything that would try to hinder my SPIRIT from abiding in the body of Christ, and my children saith the Lord.

I have placed a shepherd over you in the body of Christ, I have place a shepherd over you my children hear what the spirit is saying to you my children, open your ears to hear my voice speaking saith the Lord. I have brought you our of bondage, I have set you free, you have liberty use it wisely saith the Lord, use my power wisely, I am the door to all that you need and have, this day I have begotten the body of Christ and my children saith the Lord.

I love you my children, I love you I have set before you an open door walk in it saith the Lord. I am the way the truth and the light, I will and have ordered your steps, the door is open walk right in saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ