Behold I am the Lord your God I would speak unto you this...


Behold I am the Lord your God I would speak unto you this saith the Lord. Just as women are going to doctors to have abortion's so is our young saints saith the Lord. The are going to the enemy saith the Lord. They need to be fed milk, they need to take small steps saith the Lord.

We as older Saints need to remind them they must crawl before they walk, they must be trained first. I know that some want to go forth but, you must let them know that they must take small steps. My children must learn and be aware of the traps the enemy is setting for them because they are babies. Just as we have to hold our natural children's hands to hold them  up, we must hold our spiritual children up saith the Lord. They are young and need to be guarded. They will be going to people that are not of God and sometimes they will go to other Christians and will still get wrong advise.

I am looking to you my children, my body of Christ to train them and raisethem. I will teach you so that you can teach them.

Our young men and women as well as our older ones must stand because the younger are watching you. They want to see if they you, we are living all that we are testifying to. Beware my chidden that they will find yousleeping and not walking in the word of God, and not living the word saith the Lord. I am the Lord and I change not, I will not allow my children to get aborted saith the Lord. I will not allow the enemy to snatch them saith
the Lord. Sometime they don't want to hear but do not worry I am still in charge of you and of their lives saith the Lord.

My word is true, I will not let my word fail, because I am the word everything that you do, living for me will show saith the Lord. All thingswork together for good, I have anointed you my child and I have anointed you my children the work will go on it will not cease saith the Lord. I havecalled you with a HOLY calling. I have called you saith the Lord to be my
voice. As I speak through you and work through you. Stand fast my children, stand fast I will uphold you, I will be with you, I have even a greater work for you and the Church to do. Some are still not tapping into what I havetold you to say saith the Lord. Some are still wondering what is about to happen. Angels are all over this place, My hand is over this place, listen to what my servant is saying unto you this day saith the Lord. I have
anointed and called them I have ordained them, I have put my words in their mouth saith the Lord. I am the Lord your God I am the same yesterday today and forever saith the Lord.

Drops of BLOOD have been dropping from the ceiling, my hands have been seen waving across the ceiling saith the Lord. Watch and see what I am about to do every promise that have been promised to the church and the Body and the people here just believe and don't doubt saith the Lord. Trust me, lean on me and stay watchful.

I love you my children. I love you, I have spoken this day saith the Lord. Everything that your hands touch will be blessed every person that you lay hand on will receive healing, you may not see it, but they will be healed saith the Lord. Pray that their faith will rise when they come forth for prayer or when you are led by me saith the Lord. They will believe for their deliverance, and miracle saith the Lord I have spoken.

Sister in Christ


Fear not my child I'm with you always I know every pain and every care I see. Fear not my child I'm with you always I know how to care for what belongs to me. I would say unto you my child, as a mother nurse's her child and that child grows, so am I nursing you back to health saith the Lord. I am and have healed the wound in your heart saith the Lord.

As a duck in the pond leads her babies to follow her, as she leads them to safety, for you my child, my elected one's I have spoken I will never leave you. As you go my child, my body of Christ remember the word that I have given to you. Every place that the soul of your feet trod claim it for it is ours, saith the Lord, Every soul that you pray for claim them for the kingdom.

You who are broken I have a place for you saith the Lord, I have a place where you can come and be healed, come and be changed saith the Lord. This place is called the POTTER'S HOUSE, all you have to do is stop by and come in the house, I am there to meet you saith the Lord. If your heart is broken stop by the POTTER'S HOUSE, if you are troubled in your spirit stop by the POTTER'S HOUSE.

When you are sick and the doctors have givin up on you and said there is nothing more they can do, your have no way out, YES you got it come into the POTTER'S HOUSE, give me the fragment's of your broken heart saith the Lord, your broken heart I will mend saith the Lord.

Remember you who need mending, stop by the POTTER'S HOUSE, you who need healing stop by the POTTER'S HOUSE give me the fragment's of your broken life, why because Jesus want to put you back together again, Yes Jesus who is the POTTER want to put you back together again. Don't be afraid to come to me, I am Jesus, I am the POTTER you are the clay I can and will put you back together again I am the Lord this I can and will do. I have spoken saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


My children I speak to you this day saith the Lord. I am bring to my children to the body of Christ a word through my vessel saith the Lord. Restoration to your spirits saith the Lord, restoration to your minds. I call forth the ministries that Jesus has called you for a time such as this, You are called to teach our babies drinking milk when it time to start eating some meat. Meat of the word of God. Restoration of strength to your spirits, minds, souls and bodies. Behold I am the teacher saith the Lord I have given you my word through my Prophet, I have given you my word through Prophecies, some of you are not listening, you have turned deaf ears to what I am saying. Open your heart saith the Lord receive what the spirit is speaking my children, open your ears, listen and hear my voice speaking to you saith the Lord. Don't you know how much I love you, don't you know I care about you? saith the Lord.

As newborn babes desiring to be taught saith the Lord teach them. They must understand running ahead will only get them into trouble, lagging behind is being slothful in my word and teach saith the Lord

You are in need of wisdom, As Samuel asked me for wisdom, I desire to give to you my children. I have told you to ask of me and I will do it. Ask me for that which you have need of, I have spoken the word once yea even twice, everything you need I have for you. I have sent my servant saith the Lord open your spiritual ears to hear. Restoration is in the house saith the Lord, restoration of strength, health, love, peace, joy, weekness, happiness wisdom knowledge, understanding, long-suffering is for the asking. In quiet and fortitude shall be your strength saith the Lord.

My word says I will not have you ignorant of things to come. Remember I have given you your weapons use them my children. Stand fast my children in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. I have sent you free saith the Lord, so why should you be in bondage with discouragement. I have sent my servant to encourage you, I have sent my servant to show and teach you saith the Lord. Hear what the spirit is saying to you as individuals, and as the Body of Christ saith the Lord. I am the Lord I change not.

Sister in Christ


For the Lord your God is HOLY, I have called you my children into HOLINESS. I have brought you out of darkness into my marvelous light of my love. I have come to you my children because some of you are still fighting against the word, against my servant I have sent before you saith the Lord. Some of you don't want to hear what the spirit is saying. Listen my children can the blind lead the blind? How can they being blind they cannot see, so the two of them will fall into a ditch? The blind cannot lead the children of God. Nay my children they cannot lead on another because they are both blind. That is the way some of your are, you are allowing the blind lead you when you should be walking in the light of my love. But you have allow the enemy to cloud your minds saith the Lord. I am the light of the word, you are the product of that light saith the Lord. Let your light so shine before men that they may Glorify me, they will see my light in you. Some of you are still not believing the word which is send forth. Have I not told you in the scripture to try the Spirit by the Spirit, and try the Spirit by the word of God?

I have set my Prophets, I have given them the word to bring, why are you hard of hearing saith the Lord, open your ears to hear saith the Lord. Some of you are busy convicting, commending that you are not seeing the blessings I have placed among you. I am the Lord I change not, I have sent my word to heal, deliver, save, to bring forth my Kingdom saith the Lord. Have I not told you vengeance belong to me, have you not read in my word touch not mine anointed and do my Prophets no harm, when you touch mine anointed you have touched the apple of my eye, I am HOLY saith the Lord Be ye therefore HOLY , I am able to keep that which you have committed unto me against that day, I am the Lord I change not? Hear what the Spirit is saying. I love you my children, I love you with an everlasting love.

Think not because I am loving, kind, I will not hesitate to chastise my children that are disobedient saith the Lord, I have come to let you know I am calling you to higher heights and deeper depths, I am calling you to be witness for me saith the Lord. Don't you understand how much I love you, don't you understand I have blessing I am ready to unleash for your good saith the Lord. Am I not the healer, am I not the over comer saith the Lord I have over come the word, don't you know you are the righteousness of me, because of my death on the cross you are righteousness in the spirit saith the Lord.

I have told you give not which is HOLY unto the dogs lest they turn on you, I am speaking about the word, give not the word to those who will not hear, who will not receive saith the Lord. All that I have is thine for the asking saith the Lord, healing, deliverance, happiness, salvation, peace, love, kindness all of this belongs to you for the asking, when you have me in your life you automatically received them saith the Lord. I have spoken hear what the Spirit is saying.

Sister in Christ


I am getting my people ready for the Battle. I am grinding, making, molding, changing, purifying my people saith the Lord. I have called an ARMY from my body, from my children, I have called an Army from all walks of life saith the Lord. Will you be ready when I call, will you be ready to take the first watch saith the Lord.

I have prepared you my children, I have armed you with your weapons to do Battle. I have armed and equipped you with RIGHTEOUSNESS, FAITH, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, MEEKNESS. I have armed you with your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace, Loins gird about with TRUTH, the shield of FAITH, SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, HELMET OF SALVATION saith the Lord. Have not I given you everything you need your have the BULLETS to use remember you have the BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS saith the Lord?

All of this I have given you my children, all of this I have prepared you for the BATTLE. For you are victorious in me, you have the victory in me saith the Lord. Stay ready for the Battle my children, don't let it come upon you unaware for I have prepared you. You have what it takes take back what the enemy has stolen from you saith the Lord.

You have your weapon to fight with, fight the good fight of faith saith the Lord. I am with you saith the Lord, I have prepared you, stay prepared for you cannot win the BATTLE unless you are ready. I am the Lord strong and mighty, I am the Lord mighty in BATTLE saith the Lord will you be ready, are you ready saith the Lord? The sound of the trumpet is about to sound, stay alert, stay ready, stay focus on me for I am the Lord.

Remember I have prepared, I have forewarned you. The BATTLE is about to start saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


Lord you are worthy, I bless your HOLY name Lord your are worthy your name remains the same. Lord you are HOLY i Bless your HOLY name, I magnify your HOLY name.

I bow at your feet, I praise your HOLY name, for you are worthy of all praises and I bless your HOLY name. You are worthy of all GLORY, I honor you and worship you, I bless your HOLY name. Lord I love you with my heart, I love you with my soul, I love you with all you have given me, and all that I withhold, I love you for your presence, I love you for your peace, I bless your HOLY name you are worthy to be praise.

I place no one above you, I praise you HOLY name, for the nearness of your SPIRIT you always remain the same. Lord I love you for you're worth I bless you HOLY name, Lord you're worthy you name remains the same. HOLY is your name oh Lord, HOLY is your name, your are just a pray away from you there to answer the call, my line is never busy, I will never put you on hold. For I everywhere present I there no matter where.

Jesus I thank you for your word, I thank you because you say to be ready to answer I thank you for what you are doing and have done in Jesus name. Lord you are worthy and I bless your HOLY name.

Sister in Christ


I was in this dream, as I went down one street it seemed as though I could not get through. Someone said follow me this way, yes it had been raining. Going down one street I went into this church, it was upstairs. As I entered the room I saw Aunt Mildred who has been dead for sometime, we didn't speak she just smiled.

She had on the beautiful sequenced dress it just sparkled. There had been a little child with me as I turned around the child had fallen behind the bench in the church, we tried to et her out, in the meantime I turn around and looked on the pulpit there were we twenty-four men up there. I started praising God, singing and started speaking in tongues. As I started this main dressed in white held up his hand for me to either wait or stop of course I stopped.

As I waited another person dressed in white said to me, JASMINE, he said this to me three times JASMINE. I thought about some had asked to let them see him, and he told them if you look upon my face you will not live, and he showed his back.

I saw this person dressed but all I could see was the shadow outline of his head but I saw the rest of his body. As I awaken I thought no more about it until I came to my computer and someone asked me to pray. When they gave the name it was JASMINE they asked for prayer and she later passed. The Lord let me know someone named JASMINE need a touch from him that he was about to take her home.

The Lord reminded me of the scripture in Rev. 4:3— And he that sat was to look upon like as Jasper and a Sardine, Stone; and there was a rainbow around about the throne, in sight, like unto an emerald. 4- And round about the throne were four and twenty seats; and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

I praise God because he showed me his GLORY, he showed me the Elders around the throne. I saw Jesus in his GLORY. I saw his back part as he said but I saw his hair outline and body outline Praise his wonderful name.

I praise God because he is letting us know and letting me know that I am his child, his chosen. To God be the GLORY! So Be It

Sister in Christ