Behold I am with you always saith the Lord...


Behold I am with you always saith the Lord. When you look into the mirror tell me what do you see my child.  Are you seeing what use to be or do you see the new you?  Are you looking at my new creation saith the Lord.

You became a new person when I cleaned up your life saith the Lord. As I have given you a new life, as I have given you a new name reflect on me saith the Lord.  The enemy cannot harm you as long as you reflect on me saith the Lord.  The reflection that shines upon your face it the reflection of me saith the Lord. 

Have I not told you, you are the light of the world, let my reflection shine don't let that reflection go dim saith the Lord?  Don't you know satan desires to darken that reflection of my light saith the Lord?  I am the way the truth and the light. 

Remember your reflection is in me saith the Lord, you are mine and I love you.  Don't you know how much I do love you? Remember to rejoice in me forever more, I am your refuge, I am your strength saith the Lord.  My light, my flection let it be seen shining upon your face as it radiates from your body saith the Lord in you walk, in your talk, in your life, in all that you do for me.  I am the Lord I have spoken this day, remember reflect my light in your life each day saith the Lord.

Thus saith the Lord.  Behold my reflection will continue to shine through you as long as you are living and allow me to live in you saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


Behold I have come to you my children, because there are something you need to do.  I have called my PRAYER WARRIOR out in the field to pray for the people, I have called them to stand in the gap for people that are sick, hurting, needing deliverance, needing and wanting to know me, needing restoration in their homes, their lives.  Yes, I have called them to do a great task saith the Lord. I have called my people to bring forth prayers for the Body of Christ, for individuals, they have been faithful to what I have
called them to do.  Don't you think there are times even PRAYER WARRIOR's need prayer? for the warfare they are doing for all of you saith the Lord?

Father God in the name of Jesus I pray for your children in Jesus name, I come against every stronghold spirit that is attacking you PRAYER WARRIOR'S in Jesus name.  I plead the BLOOD of Jesus against every spirit, I plead the BLOOD against every attack of the enemy that is trying to knock your PRAYER WARRIOR'S out, but we know that we have the BLOOD over, under around, in front and behind us in Jesus name.

Father God I speak restoration to all PRAYER WARRIOR'S in Jesus name, I speak restoration to every PRAYER WARRIOR'S relationship with their families, friends and finances in Jesus name.

You said when the thief is found out he have to repay double, but Jesus I say he have to pay back a thousand in Jesus name. Restoration come forth in Jesus name, restoration of healing, salvation, forgiveness, peace, love and Joy in the HOLY GHOST come forth in Jesus name.  Jesus I plead the BLOOD of Jesus over each PRAYER WARRIOR, I speak strength over us in Jesus name, I pray a prayer covering over each PRAYER WARRIOR in Jesus name.  Jesus I speak comfort, healing to those that have and are going through difficult times because of sorrow, enfold them with your love, surround them with your presence in Jesus name.  Yes, restoration of strength as only you can give to your PRAYER WARRIORS in Jesus name.

For Jesus you gave us POWER and we thank you for in thee we live move and have our being in Jesus name.  For you said no weapon formed against us shall or will prosper, thank you for your help in every need in Jesus name.

For I have spoken this day saith the Lord, I have given my word saith the Lord and my word will stand for I am the word.  Hear me my children, I am the Lord I change not.

Sister in Christ


Acts:4:12-Neither is their salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved: 

Act:1:8-But ye shall receive POWER after that the HOLY GHOST is come upon you: And ye shall be my witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judaea, and in Samariak and unto the utter most part of the earth.

Behold I am the Lord your God, I have been watching you my children, I have been seeing just how many of you understand separation, separating yourselves from the things of the world, remember we are in the world but not of the world saith the Lord.  Do you remember when you first came to me, remember when you first got saved, saith the Lord, remember when you came asking forgiveness, repenting for those things you had done, remember when you came to your first love.  That first love was me my children saith the Lord.

Remember how you felt when your received the HOLY GHOST, remember when you started speaking in TONGUES YOU GLORIFIED ME WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART.  Remember how you worked, how you trusted me for all things.  I bring back to your remembrance my children you are a part of the body of Christ you are the righteousness of God in Christ.

 Remember I am your first love, forget not your first love my children.  I have separated you from the world, you are in the world but not of the world saith the Lord.  I have set you apart from the rest, I have set you apart for service, in my word I spoke to you about separating, I spoke to you about the wheat and the tares.  The wheat is what you use when you bake bread, cakes for food.  The tares are good for nothing but to burn in the fire.

That is what I want to do for you my children, burn out the tares. Do not sell yourself short my children.  I have called you for service.  I am watching you my children, I am always leading and guiding you.  Some are not waiting for my direction, but wait on me I will separate saith the Lord, I am very patience my GRACE and MERCY is sufficient for you. I am the Lord I change not, thus saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ



        Matt:23:37-39 - O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the
prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have
gathered the children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under
her wings and ye would not.

        38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

        39 For I say unto you.  Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall
say Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

        Have you not read in my word saith the Lord touch not mine anointed
and do my Prophets no harm, he that touch my Prophets have touched the apple of my eye.  Why do you question what and how I use my Prophet?  You want words to come to you that would tickle your ears, you want words, that do not benefit you saith the Lord.  You want them to speak lies and not truth saith the Lord.

        That is not what I have called my Prophet to do I have call them
because they are my mouth piece, they speak life to those who are willing to
hear, healing, restoration, peace, love, speaking my word of health, but I
have also spoken to them to speak about my wrath.

        I am a loving God that loves his children, but you don't want
correction saith the Lord, you want a form of Godliness but you are denying
the POWER thereof. The POWER that heal, destroy the yoke, that forgives.  You are not allowing my word to come forth because of your own flesh saith the Lord. 

        I have said HOLINESS or HELL.  You have hurt the Prophet to tears
when the word comes forth from my Prophets they don't know how or why or
when. My Prophet don't understand, they do what I have called them to do. 
Have not the word spoken to you, have you not studied saith the Lord?  I have
asked you a question how long do you think I will allow you to hurt and harm
my Prophets saith the Lord, when I tell them to speak against SIN, when I
tell them to speak of HOLINESS or HELL you fight with them.

        Hear my children you are not speaking against my Prophet you are
fighting against me, search the scripture saith the Lord, line upon line,
precept upon precept.  I love you my children, when your child disobeys they
are punished, so it is with me saith the Lord.  Young Christian's need to
know how to live HOLY, they need to know their bodies are the temple of eh
HOLY GHOST. Their bodies are the only place I have to dwell.

        Do not be as the heathens saith the Lord.  I have spoken open your
heart saith the Lord to hear what the spirit is saying.  Open your heart to
receive what has been spoken, open your ears to hear my voice speaking to
you, above all open your Spiritual eyes and behold the beauty around you,
behold the flower of the field saith the Lord.

        I love you my children, I love you I have spoken this day.

Sister in Christ


       As the Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young,
spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:

        Just as the Eagle stirreth the nest of her young, to make sure they
do not fall out to the nest, so shall the Lord do for you my children.

        When the Mother Eagle feel it is time for her babies to ease their
way out to the nest she give them a nudge.  In the beginning they are very
timid but at the urging of the Mother they began to take off.  My children so
it is with me.  It is time my children to get out of the nest, it is time to
leave and go forth.  As the Eagle spread for her wings so are you under the
shadow of my sings saith the Lord.

        I beareth you on my wings, I uphold you on wings, saith the Lord as
the Eagle soars, so shall you soar in my word my children, as you soar in the
word the gift that is in your will soar and take height saith the Lord. As
The eagle stirreth up the nest, as I am saying to you, so shall you speak
this saith the Lord.  I have called you out from the place where you were, I
have called you forth to a place where you will be saith the Lord.  Remember
in me you live and move and have your being in me saith the Lord.

        Go forth my children you will not fail, you will not fall, for as the
Eagle stirreth the nest of her children, so am I stirring your nest my
children, have I not told you go I will go before you, have I not told you to
speak I will speak through you?  I have stirred you nest, I am stirring your
nest as I stirreth the nest it is time to go forth saith the Lord.

        I love you my children, I love you I have spoken saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


         I am the Lord thy God I have a question to as?  Why am I hanging on
the cross. Did I not come off the cross when I was buried saith the Lord? If
I was taken off the cross, laid in the grave, rose up accented to my Father
did you see a cross as I ascended into heaven.

         No; I am no longer on the cross, so why am I seeing myself on
crosses around your necks, why am I seeing myself with throngs around my head saith the Lord.  When my arms were stretched wide on the cross with nails in my hands, my feet, my side, they thought they had killed me, they thought I would remain upon that cross but I did not stay on the cross my children.

         Take me off the cross my children, I am no longer there I am in your
hearts, I rose victoriously from the grave because I died on the cross for
you. I came to bring happiness, peace, joy, forgiveness, love, kindness.  I
did not come to bring sadness saith the Lord. When the people cried come down off the cross, I did when they took me off the cross laid me in the tomb on the third day I arose ascended into heaven.  The cross did not ascend with
me.  When they put me to death on the cross I went willingly, I did not have
to die but I loved you so much I had to die on the cross for you, I had to let you know that you were worth my dying for.

         Remember no one took my life I laid it down so that you could live.
Take me off the cross my children, I am no longer there saith the Lord.  If
you will open your heart you will feel me, if you would open your eyes you
could see me saith the Lord, if you would open your ears you can hear me.  It
grieve me when I see my Saints wearing crosses with me hanging on them when I said take up your cross and follow me daily, not take the cross and carry it with you.  I told you to cast your cares upon me for I care for you.

         I am the Lord that was on cross but I am no longer there for I have
risen saith the Lord.  I should be standing up on the inside of your heart
not standing up on the cross, I should be in you mind, spirit, souls body
saith the Lord. Did I not blot out your SINS nailing them to the cross, did I
not shed my BLOOD saith the Lord?  Did I not give you the HOLY GHOST proving to you I am in you?

         I love you my children, PLEASE take me off the cross.  I am no longer hanging there.  I have spoken saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


"In the secret place of my garden, there is rest for you, in the secret place of my garden I a calling you. I have a place for you, I have a place for you.  In the secret place of my garden.

        Under the shadow of my wings,  I will hide you until you are safely in the garden, the secret place of my garden, there is peace for you, there is deliverance for you in the secret place of my garden there is love and joy for you. When the enemy comes at you one way, you have a place of safety, in my garden.  Under the shadow of my wing I will cover you, when the darkness appears I have a place for you, in my garden, the secret place. There is light there you have a place of refuge in the secret place of my garden."

        For three days I have been singing this song.  When the Lord gives me a song sometimes I remember all the words, and sometimes I don't but the Lord just keeps adding to this on. PRAISE THE LORD! TO GOD BE THE GLORY.  PRAISE GOD.

Sister in Christ