I can see what you cannot see


When you were babies after your mother gave birth to you, she had to nurse you, diaper you, bathe you and coo with you because you were not able to do anything for yourself. As you grew older she began to feed you to give you some mashed potatoes, string beans, apple sauce, pudding until you were able to eat meat.

When you were older she started given you pieces of chicken, steak, rice that is because you were older and were able to tolerate those other  types of food.  She than began to potty train you as you began to walk you would wobble, stumble and fall soon you were able to stand up on your feet that is when you became old enough to stand alone. Just as your Mother edged you along so the I the Lord is telling you it is time to grow up and begin to eat meat. When you first got saved you were given milk, some of you have stayed on milk so long if you eat meat it would choke you. I am the Lord and I change not, I have called each of you to stand upon own feet, it is time to eat the meat of the word.  It is time to cut loose from holding on to that as a crouch saith the Lord.  You want people to do your praying for you, you want them to rebuke and bind the enemy for you, it is time to stop and start doing for yourselves.  Don't you know I have called you into a place of deliverance, don't you know I have called you to deliver the word to the people, if you stay on milk you cannot teach the people.  

You have been redeemed from the curse of the law because I died for you, you have been redeemed because of my BLOOD saith the Lord.  Remember in me you live and move and have your being.  I am the Lord have I not told you I will be with you, have I not told you I have opened a door for you, I am here for you I am here to help you saith the Lord. I have called you for a change in your lives, I have called you to come out from among them, I have called you unto myself saith the Lord.  This is the way walk therein saith the Lord, is not this what I have promised you.  There is so much I long to show you my children, there is so much I long to give you.  I have told you in my word, I have told you through my Prophets launch out into the deep, I will not let you fail or fall saith the Lord.  

I am your leader, I have given you your weapons, I have given you your orders saith the Lord, for I have called you to come up higher, I have spoken to you many time of a higher place of Praise, I have spoken to you many times put your trust in me saith the Lord.  In me there is fullness of Joy in thy right hand there are pleasures forever more.

I am the Lord I have spoken saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


Behold I am the Lord your strong and mighty, I am the Lord mighty in battle saith the Lord, I have come to tell you the battle belongs to me, the battle is mine.  All things work together for good to them that love me saith the Lord, did I not tell you in my word the BATTLE IS NOT YOURS BUT GOD'S?  

Don't you know when you try to fight for yourself you make a ship wreck out of it saith the Lord?  Don't you know all you have to do is call upon me and I am there for you.  I know there are times when you are hurting, I know there are times when the enemy cause you to shed tears, I know there are times when you feel alone but remember you are not alone, I am, with you,  I know the plans I have for your LIFE, I know what you need and when to give it to you, sometime I know it seems so long but they that wait upon me shall renew their strength saith the Lord.  Have I not told you that I love you,
have I not told you, you are the apple of my eye?  I have you in the palm of my hands and no one can pluck you out. When you are going through your trials, when you are going through your valleys, I am there to uphold you saith the Lord, I am there to comfort you when you are in pain, when you are hurting.  I am the one. 

The enemy does not care for you, he will lie, he will cause you to bicker amongst the children of God, cause you to be at war with one another, I am not the author of confusion, I am the author of PEACE saith the Lord.  Because I am the PEACE speaker saith the Lord, Jesus is my name, I am Jehovah rophe the Lord that heals, Jehovah jirech the Lord that provides, Jehovah rhoi the Lord your shepherd, Jehovah Shalom the Lord your peace saith the Lord. I am all these things wrapped up in one, I am Jehovah tsidkenu, the Lord your righteousness, and Jehovah M'kaddesh the Lord who Santifies.  This is my doing saith the Lord, I am the only one as in the day of Moses, as in Abraham so am I this day sait the Lord. The times when you are lonely I am
Jehovah Shammah, for I am there with you no matter what saith the lord I am your banner Jehovah nissi, I am EL-SHADI the all sufficient one.  I am the Lord I change not saith the Lord.  Open your heart and hear what the spirit is saying, open your ears to hear my voice speaking to you my child, open your eyes behold the birds, the trees, the flowers saith the Lord only I could have done all this.

I am the Lord Strong and Mighty, I am the Lord Mighty in Battle, the alarm will be sound on my HOLY Mountain, for I am the Lord and I change not. I am called wonderful, conselor, the mighty God the Prince of peace I am the Battle fighter saith the Lord.  I love you my children I love you.  Remember no matter what the problem is, no matter what you are going through I am there for you.

I have spoken thus saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


I am the Lord and I change not, dry your eyes my children for your day of restoration is come.  Dry your eyes my children for I am here, have I not told you my arms are not short that they cannot reach, neither is my ears deaf that I cannot hear the cries of my children.  Have I not told you my eyes are not dim, I can see that which you cannot see saith the Lord, I can see down the road because you cannot?  Every problem you are facing I see it, every person that has mistreated you I can see it saith the Lord.

Have no fear my child, in me you live move and have my being, in me there is HOPE, in me there is LOVE in me there is FORGIVENESS, in me there is DELIVERANCE, in me there is RESTORATION and HEALING saith the Lord. Your tears I have bottled up, your concerns I an I alone is able to handle.  Have I not told you to trust in me and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge me and I will direct your paths?  This I will do because I have promised this to you saith the Lord.  That which you cannot see, I can saith the Lord, for when I see you, I see my righteousness, I see
my HOLINESS filling up your emptiness, and when I look at you I see the BLOOD I shed, don't you know I see me when I look at you.  I made you my children, I made you unique children of the KING.  That is why I tell you don't worry about what you cannot see, be concerned about that which you can see, leave the unseen to me saith the Lord.  I am the Lord and I love you with an everlasting love, I will continue to tell you how much I love you, I will continue because that same LOVE I have for you will WIN those you are seeking to bring.  You cannot WIN them by screaming, but your walk in me, your LOVE you are demonstrating.  I know there are times you feel the loneliness but remember so was I saith the Lord, stay busy I have everything that concerns you in my hand, have I not told you, you are the APPLE of my EYE?  Have I not told you I have you in the PALM of my hand and no one can pluck you out?  I am still there for you saith the Lord, I have never left you, through your sorrows, through your tears, through your trails, when you go through the waters I am there with you. Fear not for I have over came the world don't you know I am there to help you in that which you are going through?

Behold I am the Lord I will take the SPOIL OUT OF YOUR LIVES, everything that is not of me SHALL BE REMOVED saith the Lord. Adultery, Backbiting, Unforgiveness, Hatred, Lying against one another I will remove. For I will not have my children bickering with one another, I have prepared you for BATTLE if you are fighting with one another how can you WIN the BATTLE for me saith the Lord.  I am your COMFORTER, DELIVER, RESTORER, HEALER I am your EL. SHADI YOUR ALL SUFFICIENT ONE.

Remember I love you my children, ask of me see if I will not do it, ask of me see if I will not perform it saith the Lord.  Remember no weapon formed against you shall prosper saith the Lord.  For I am thy God you are mine, I have spoken saith the Lord hear what the spirit is saying.

I love you my children, I will always remind you of that, I love you.

Sister in Christ


I brought you out of darkness to my light saith the Lord, I bought you from depression, and oppression, unto myself. I have given you a song to sing, I have given you words to speak, sing them speak them saith the Lord.

Ilove to hear your praises, I love to see your worship, I love to hear your words of adoration saith the Lord.  I am the LIGHT of the world, I am the one who made the heaven and the earth.  I have called you to be that light so that you can speak to those about being in DARKNESS saith the Lord.

I brought you out of darkness because LIGHT and darkness don't mix. In order to see when you enter a room, or into a closet until you flip the switch you will remain in darkness, once you flip the switch that say ON you are no longer in darkness.  When you had no place to go, when there was nothing you could do for yourself I was there, when depression seemed to overwhelm you there I was your LIGHT saith the Lord. When you were in despair I was there for you, when your life was going no where I was there as that LIGHT for you.  I am your very existence saith the Lord, for I am everywhere present, I am that I am.  I will make the darkness light before you, what is wrong I'll make it right before you, all your battles I will fight before you and the high places I'll bring down. When you walketh by the way I'll lead you on the fatness of the land I'll deed you there's a mansion in the sky I'll deed you and the high places I'll bring down.  I have spoken saith the Lord, hear what the spirit is saying, open your heart, open your ears and open your heart saith the Lord.  Know that I love you my children.  

Remember I have brought you out of darkness into the LIGHT.  Have I not taken the scales off your eyes, so that you can see my children, if I then have bought you out of the dark why would you want to be in darkness? How can two walk together except they agree saith the Lord?

Sister in Christ


Praise the Lord Saint's Jesus is getting us ready for battle. Jesus gave me this Prophecy months ago, getting us ready for the battle.

It is time saint's you are either in or out, it is time to separate the boys from the men, we as women and men of Jesus are to stay prepared for what Jesus has for us to do.  When Jesus saw fit for us to enter the world, bought us forth, raised us up, he chose us, he called us, he prepared us and he sent us.  Jesus said many are called but few are chosen.  There are many the Lord has chose, and called but were not sent.  We have to decern in our SPIRIT, Jesus tell us be not deceived God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sow that shall he also reap.  If we sow the word of God and it is not received there will be no reaping, because they have let the word fall on death ears.  
Jesus said give not that which is HOLY unto the dogs, and cast not thy PEARLS so swine.  That which is HOLY is the WORD of God we read them the word or speak what the says and they don't want to hear it, Casting thy PEARLS to swine is Jesus, for Jesus is the PEARL of great price.  When they are not receiving the HOLY WORD of Jesus they are rejecting the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE.

 Yes, we are the ARMY of GOD marching into BATTLE, RODEO time has begun we are getting ready for the ROUNDUP.  Thank you Jesus, thank you for being our CHIEF, our COMMANDER in Charge.

Sister in Christ


As in the Valley of Dry Bones, when I spoke to EZEKIEL and asked him, son of man can these bones live, remember what he say, Lord thou knowest.  As I told him to Prophecy to the skin to return upon their flesh, so have I covered you with my BLOOD, so have I returned unto you Life saith the Lord.  As I. Prophecy to every fiber of your being to come forth Rise walk in the newness I have given you.  Remember you are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone saith the Lord.  As I spoke to EZEKIEL Prophecy to the wind, I Prophecy to the wind to blow afresh and anew the wind of the HOLY SPIRIT. I have renewed you my children, I have renewed your SPIRIT, MIND, SOUL, BODY saith the Lord.  As in the Valley of Dry Bones they came ALIVE, so do I command your SPIRITS to come ALIVE, I have given you a NEW HEART, a NEW VOICE to speak, NEW EYES to see and clean EARS to hear my VOICE saith the Lord.  You are my disciples saith the Lord, you are mine elect, I have chosen you, I have called you from the Valley of Dry Bones to come forth, to let me show you things I have promised saith the Lord.

Everything that is dead need to be buried, you are not dead my children you are ALIVE, I have put my BREATH into your body, I have given you my BLOOD that you might LIVE.  Remember As I spoke to EZEKIEL so do I speak with you my children, rise up and LIVE.

I am the Lord I change not. I love you my children, I love you.  You are no longer in the Valley of indecision, you have been redeemed saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


I am the Lord your God I would speak unto you this day saith the Lord.  Behold when you are passing through the storm have I not told you I would be there, when you are in the Valley when the waters seem to overtake you, have I not told you you will not drown saith the Lord.  When the storms are raging in your life and you don't know where to turn, I am the rock that was hewed out of the mountain saith the Lord, I am the rock spoken of, I am the rock you can lean on.

I have and will wrap my arms around you, have I not told you I am here for you, I will stand by you and with you, you will not be over come by these things.  I am with you, have I not told you come unto me when the storms are rising, when the enemy come upon you like a flood, behold I am standing at the door without stretched hands to bring you in from the storm saith the Lord.  When the storm is raging as I spoke to the wind and the waves as they were boisterous and said PEACE BE STILL, so can you speak the word PEACE BE STILL, you can command the WINDS in my name BE STILL saith the Lord.  For when the storms of life are raging I will stand by you.

Remember my children I love you, I have spoken saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ