Be strong I am your God


I am the Lord and I change not, I would speak unto you this day saith the Lord.  Think it not strange because of what is happening in your lives, I have told you in my word, Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as thought some strange thing happened unto you.  Have I not told you to rejoice my children, No one can come and nothing will come between you?  I would speak unto you my children, I am he that came in the volume of the book, I am he that took nothing and made something saith the Lord.  I am the one that is bringing down the stronghold out of your lives, the stronghold of sickness, the stronghold of proverty, the stronghold of the things that trouble you saith the Lord.  Have not I told you satan desires to shift you saith the Lord, but my BLOOD is covering you my children. He would like to make you out to be false witnesses saith the Lord, but fear not my children I am doing a new thing in you and your
lives. I have you in the palm of my hand, have not I told you that I have chosen you to be my vessel, have I not told you that thou art mine saith the Lord?  Speak that which I speak unto you, speak that which I tell you, as I was with Moses, Abraham and the other Prophets, so shall I be with you my children.  You are the voice in the wilderness saith the Lord.  I love you, I love you.  As I have spoken stay prayerful, watchful, keep praising me, I have spoken thus saith the Lord.  When thou cometh into the house of God Anoint thyself saith the Lord, I am still God and beside me there is no other.  I am still the God of your lives, I am the same God that heals saith the Lord, and I am making all things new.  Behold I would speak unto you this day, the tear you are shedding I have wiped them away, I am still in charge of the situation saith the Lord.

I see everything that is going on saith the Lord, I know the thoughts of the people, Think not it strange saith the Lord when they try to destroy that which I have put together, I am still the Lord and I change not.  It is the making of you and others saith the Lord.  Keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting, keep PRAISING and giving THANKS saith the Lord. I am the Lord and I change not.  I have spoken this day my child, remember I love you.

Sister in Christ


Behold when you are passing through the storm, have I not told you I would be there, when you are in the valley, when the waters seem to overtake you, have I not told you it would not take you under saith the Lord?  When the STORMS are RAGING in your LIFE, you don't know where to turn, I am the ROCK that was spoken of in the WORD, I am the ROCK you can lean on saith the Lord. I have and will wrap my arms around you, have I not told you I am here for you saith the Lord.  I will stand by you and be with you.

I would say unto you you, no you will not be over come by these things, I am with you.  Have I not told you to come unto me when the storms are rising, when the enemy come after you like a flood, behold I am standing at the door to let you in saith the Lord, when the storms are raging, as I said to the storm PEACE BE STILL, that is all you have to do saith the Lord, say PEACE BE STILL to the storms in your life that are raging.  I command you storm PEACE be still in my name saith the Lord.

Remember when my disciples were in the boat, I was asleep, the storm became boisterous, they came running to me they felt like I didn't care, Ispoke to the winds and the rains to be still it was done.  When the storm israging, don't panic, just say PEACE BE STILL, that is all we have to say, and the dark clouds will have to roll away.  Because that is all I had to say was PEACE BE STILL, as they obeyed me they must obey you because you are mine saith the Lord.  I have over come the world, because I am your God.  As I was to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph so am I today to you saith the Lord,
remember every promise I gave Abraham, every promise I made to Abraham it also belong to you. For you are Abraham's seed saith the Lord.  When he and they were going through the STORM was I not there, when Moses was going through the STORM was I not there saith the Lord, how can I not be there for you I am with you as I was with them saith the Lord.

Remember I shed my BLOOD for you, I hung on the cross for you, took thirty-nine stripes on my back for you saith the Lord, that is how much I loved and cared for you, as I do now.  I am with you my child remember that, I will never leave you alone.  When you go through the STORM of sorrow, the STORM of guild, STORM of blame, I am there.  

I have spoken saith the Lord, hear what the SPIRIT hath said. I love you, I love you.

Sister in Christ


Behold, I am the Lord your God, I would speak unto you this day my child hear ye me.  I have called for this time in your life saith the Lord. I have placed you in the midst of my servants, you are a chosen vessel, you will receive and have the blessings upon you saith the Lord.  I am the Lord thy God and I change not I cm the Lord that bought you through the valley of the shadow of death saith the Lord, yes my child I have ordained you for this day to be with my chosen. I have ordain this day so that you may receive
strength saith the Lord, rest in me saith the Lord, health, prosperity is yours saith the Lord.  Have I not told you, you are mine, have I not told you behold I make all things new, have I not told you I have restored those things back to you saith the Lord? I am he that took nothing and made something saith the Lord, I am he that was dead yet I am risen saith the Lord, as I have been risen so are you my child.  Fear not for I am with you, fear not for I at thy God, rest in me my child the thing which thou desire I will give it to you, be content now I will move you saith the Lord, I have made the way. I have opened doors for you, I have moved in your behalf saith the Lord.  I have, I will say again my child I have placed you with my servants, I am going to do a new thing in your lives saith the Lord.  Think not that I have left you, I have not nor will I ever leave you as I have my servants in the palm of my hands, so have I you in the palm of my hand.  I
love you my children there are times when you must rest saith the Lord.  

There are times when we must take time to get our bodies and our minds to rest.  I have taken your across the world saith the Lord, you have my calling on your life saith the Lord. I am the Lord that healeth thee, my word is true saith the Lord, trust me saith the Lord.  I have promised I will heal the land, I have promised I will heal the people, everything that thou hands touch will prosper saith the Lord, and so shall I heal thee saith the Lord, I love you my child, you are my chosen vessel, I have spoken this day
thus saith the Lord.

Sister In Christ


My children, just as there is a Pilot for the Airplane, so am I your pilot saith the Lord.  As he guides and fly the plane so do I guide you and guide your LIFE.  Wherever you need to go, wherever you are sent, there I am.

Whereas the Pilot guides the plane, I am his Copilot saith the Lord. You depend upon me to arrive you there safely, so will I take you to yourdestination. saith the Lord.  When the storms arise I am there to steady the plane.  When in your life you have been hit below the belt, remember I am still your Copilot.  You cannot soar in your life alone. The one that gave it must be there to protect it, must be there to copilot with you, if not you
will surely have a crash landing, you may be killed along with others saith the Lord.

Open your heart my children and receive what the SPIRIT is saying, open your ears to hear my VOICE saith the Lord.

I will guide you with mine eye, saith the Lord I will instruct youwith my word saith the Lord.  You are the passenger, you also have passengersclimbing aboard the plane, the plane of life, As we live according to your teaching, you will have many passengers and being the Pilot you must treasure your passengers for they are precious.  As you lead them to safety, Jesus will guide you saith the Lord.  I am saying my children beware of your surrounding, beware who climb's aboard your plane, I have called, as I called
you, you will also have followers.  Don't kill your passengers saith the Lord.  Led them to safety, as I lead you.

As long as you are allowing me to Pilot the plane, your life, to lead and guide you saith the Lord you will land safely.

 love you my children, I have spoken.  Remember I am your Copilot saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


Jesus gave me a word of Prophecy: "DISCOURAGED TO BE ENCOURAGED" Many times we feel disappointed, we feel hurt, we feel we were treated unjustly.  There are times you cry and wonder Lord what is wrong, what have I done to deserve this. That is being discouraged because you feel no one cares, you feel everyone is against you, but fear not Jesus said fear not for I'm with you, that moment when Jesus wrap his arms around you, at that time someone that Jesus has ordained to cross your path, speak to you and let you know I care about what you are going through, I know what you are feeling for I have been there, Don't you worry everything is OK!  That is being encouraged. Jesus want us to know that now matter what disappointment you have, no matter what you are going through, he is there to encourage you, to wipe away your tears, to wrap his arms around you to let you know, why worry when you can pray, I'm here for you.  

PS:138-8 Tells us the Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. He will now only perfect it but he will watch over his word to accomplish what has been spoken.

So when you have been discouraged, remember "{DISCOURAGED TO BE OURAGED"
God bless you.

Sister In Christ


Is it I. Lord that have caused you pain, is it I lord that made you ashamed, is it I that broke your heart is it I lord that would not take stark.  Is it I that pushed that soul away when he or she needed me to pray the soul that hunger shall be fed you said so here in your word.  I'm willing to tread, to help those that are longing for the touch of your hand.  I died on the cross that you might live, I shed my BLOOD saith the Lord, to give you
LIFE evermore saith the Lord, you say is it I, have I not said the least you have done to other you have done unto me?  Have I not bought you out of the darkness into my marvelous light, have I not opened doors you cannot see saith the Lord, Is it I lord that hurt that little one, I will be cutting off every that is dead so that fruit may grow, have I not told you judgment must and will begin in the house of God saith the Lord?  The branches that are broken need to be mended, that is a broken soul that is in need of tending saith the Lord.  That soul that have a broken wing as the Eagle it can't fly
with a broken wing, that soul cannot live with that broken SPIRIT.  Once that broken branches is cut off from the rest, the new will begin to grow, so shall my children need to grow, Is it I. Lord that caused these to stumble, reach out your hands saith the Lord, reach out your hand that they may grab hold that they might live. Every thing that is dead will be cut away saith the Lord, every branch, fruit that is rotten will be cast into the fire.  Did I not bring you our of darkness, did I not give you truth saith the Lord, I
am your very existence, shall I not be their existence also saith the Lord.

Is it I. Lord that let them die, is it I that made them cry, am I not that willing vessel that you spoke to, am I not that vessel you said you would use.  Am I not he that turned your LIFE around, am I not he that did not even frown, I am the same yesterday today and forever more saith the Lord. I am the seed of Abraham, the seed of David, and the seed of you my children, I live therefore you shall live.  My BLOOD have I shed for you, my
GRACE have I given to you, my MERCY is there for you saith the Lord.

Open your heart and received what the SPIRIT has spoken, open your ears to HEAR what Jesus is saying, open your EYES and behold what beautiful things I will show you saith the Lord, I love you my children, I love you.  I have spoken this day saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ


Behold: I am the Lord, I would speak unto you my child, watch and see what I am about to do, watch and see just what is about to take place saith the Lord.  So many doors have been and are being opened for you and the Church body saith the Lord.  So many thing are about to happen, I have opened your eyes to many things, I am opening the eyes of those that are SPIRITUALLY blind, saith the Lord.  It may seem no one is listening saith the Lord, it may seem that you are not believed but, don't worry saith the Lord, trust me, saith the Lord.  I am still doing a new thing in your life and this Church
and the Body of Christ.  I have told you to open your mouth and I will speak saith the Lord, many fruits will come forth from the Church and different people saith the Lord.  I, even I will and have done this saith the Lord.
Those that have not and will not take heed to the word and Prophecies, I will deal with them.  My child do not worry about such matters, I am taking care of it saith the Lord.  I have spoken unto you that prosperity will come it is now here, reach our and touch me because I am here in the midst saith the Lord.  Reach out to me because I am the answer, I have not forgotten the promises, you are my chosen, you are my children, you are mine elect saith the Lord. I love you, I have begotten thee, I have and am taking
you and this Church higher, but, remember it is I saith the Lord and the GLORY is mine.  You are mind and you are my vessel, I love you, again I love you thus saith the Lord, beware of wolf that come in sheep clothing beware and watch, see the thing I will do, watch see the thing promised saith the Lord.

I have set a watchman over thee saith the Lord, I have set a watchman over the door post of your lives, of your homes, as I told Moses to kill the animal and put the BLOOD over the door post of where they were so the death angel would not touch anyone in that home, so have I place the BLOOD over your lives saith the Lord.  You are under my protection saith the Lord no harm will come unto you.  Stay under my protection saith the Lord for once you are away from your protector the enemy will surely try to harm you. Watch and see the thing I am about to do through you and for you saith the
Lord.  I have spoken this day saith the Lord, I have spoken, open your ears to hear, open your heart to receive and your eyes to behold that which I am showing saith the Lord.  Again, I have spoken hear me I am the Lord I change not.

Sister in Christ