My children think not that I have forgotten you.  I am still the LORD AND i CHANGE NOT.  Sorrow has come upon many of you but remember, because I live your loved live shall LIVE.  If he or she died in the Lord they are precious to me. My GRACEand MERCY and my BLOOD covers you Saith the Lord.  Tears come but that is OKAY, in the night when no one is around when no one sees the tears or the weeping but remember What I Said in my word WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT BUT JOY MY JOY NOT MANS BUT MY JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING.  Loved ones are rejoicing and PRAISING me Saith the Lord.  You my children must take the word no matter what or how they died I am stilll in the healing and blessing business .  Some stay some want to go and I will honor their request Saith the Lord.  Because they are tired  so my children open your HEART to receive the WORD, open your ears to hear my VOICE Saith the Lord, and your MOUTH and speak what the SPIRIT speak to you, your are my voice.  You are "BLESSED because of my LOVE for you Saith the Lord. I AM YOUR STRENGTH YOUR PEACE WHICH PASS ALL UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMFORTER SAITH THE LORD.  iN ME YOU ARE ALIVE Stand up stand fast my arms are wrapped around you.  So fear not I am with you