God is talking to you...

                  Take some time and listen to what He has to say!


My children you have asked for prayer from my anointed, you have asked to help you pray about a situation, you have asked for deliverance, you have asked for help in your problems, but when the answer comes you continue to ask. Why have you not listened and believe what the spirit have spoken to you? I am the Lord and I change not, I send my word, I send my prophet's I send them to you in word, song, but you do not hear them.

Some of you continue to ask for the same thing, don't you know I have already done the job, don't you know when I went on the cross, when I shed my BLOOD for you the job was done? It is time for you to start thanking me, it is time for you to start giving me praise saith the Lord, it is time for you to open your ears and hear my voice my children.

Don't you know how much I love you, don't you understand or are you still without understanding, I am the Lord that healeth thee, I am the same yesterday, today and forever more, I have not change saith the Lord, I will never change. Once yea even twice I have told you to ask, I have sent my word to you more than once saith the Lord, why aren't you singing praises, why aren't you worshipping me, don't you know I inhabit the praises of my children, my people? You open the windows of heaven, you open and touch my very heart saith the Lord.

I have given you my Mercy, Grace don't you know that is what will help you through saith the Lord? Everything that I have is yours, healing, joy, peace, meekness, love, happiness, forgiveness, repentance, restoration all these things and more have I given to thee saith the Lord. I have given the wealth of the world at your finger tips, have I not told you the wealth of the wicked belong to the righteous? Have I not told you the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell therein?

Have I not told you to trust in me with all thine heart, and lean not to thy own understanding, trust also in Him and I will direct your paths? Don't you know that whom I love I also chasten saith the Lord for you are mine, I will bring you forth as pure gold. You have asked for healing, deliverance, forgiveness, all these things you have asked for, again I will say I have sent my word, I have sent prophecies to you my children why have you not received the word I have sent. It is time for you to wake up, I love you my children, You will come forth as pure gold, ask of me my children.

People of God, children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lord it is time to wake up, Jesus is tired of whining and crying, it is time to start praising him, thanking him, obeying him. We can pray all we want but you have to be the one to decide that you are tired of satan having his way with you. Start telling sickness, pain, hurt, depression, unforgiving, everything that is not of God tell it, it has got to go. I plead the BLOOD, Jesus gave you authority to speak the word, he gave you authority because you are heirs and joint heirs with Christ Jesus.

I praise you Lord, I praise you Lord, I give you thanks Lord, I honor your name, I glorify your holy name, you are worthy to be praised, you are worthy of all honor you are worthy Lord. This just start coming from my spirit. That is what the Lord wants us to do.

May the Lord Jesus Christ open your heart to receive his words, may he open your eyes to see his Glory, may he open your ears to hear his voice speaking to you?

God Bless and keep each of you.

Sister in Christ



"B." I read your word, as I was reading your word the Lord reminded me of the prophecy he gave me last month.

My Grace and Mercy brought you through, I have often spoke to people about MERCY and GRACE. Because when you are going through your trails and we have no one to turn to, our so call friends are no where to be found.

You call someone on the phone, you get a busy signal, you even go to their home no one is there, then you start thinking, Lord what is wrong, what is happening, why can't I find y friends as I would call them, why is no one around?

Then as I am question the Lord he drops this song into my heart. My Mercy endures forever, my mercy endures forever, no matter what you are going through I will be there for you, l my mercy endures forever. Then I stop and say Lord why do people act this way, and the Lord says to me, to us, because they are thinking only of themselves, they have problems of their own but you have the advantage.

I said what Lord, and he said to me. My GRACE is sufficient for you, my grace is sufficient for you though you can't find no one, just look up and call, my grace is sufficient for you. You know what that is true, people have their own problems, in stead of looking to the author and finisher of our faith we look to others, Jesus is saying to us, look to Jesus, look to him, because he is the only one that can help us, he is the only one that will be there for us.

His phone line is never busy, our telephone line is in our heart, he is always open to receive our call, he will never put us on hold and say just on moment please. He is always there to answer our call, he is there when we knock on the door, he is never away, he is always home.

Praise God for Jesus, thank you Jesus for being you, thank you for all ways being there for me, for your body. Thank you for giving us your MERCY and GRACE.

God Bless

Sister in Christ



Jesus came to save sinners to repentance yes, but he also came for we that are saved and spirit filled to come to repentance. He also came that we as his heir and joint heir with Jesus Christ to spread the word to those who are sinners, we are Jesus mouth piece, we are the ones he gave authority to speak the word of healing, speak the word of restoration, we are the ones he gave authority to command satan to take his hands of, to rebuke the spirits of strongholds, we are the one.

Yes, he came for those who are sick, because the sinner need a doctor, doctor Jesus of deliver them from the cares of the world and come to him. Let us not get off track saints, Jesus called us to witness to sinners, as Jesus was so are we, we are the righteousness of God in Christ because of his death on the cross. We are saved by GRACE, we are filled because we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, came in the form of human flesh became man to prove to us that he went through everything we are going through.

He took sickness, disease, cancer, lupus, kidney problems all of this is under the BLOOD when he was buried they were left there when he arose from the dead. They are no more we just have to speak the word, we know the sickness is there but who's report are we going to believe. We shall believe the report of the Lord. Jesus came that we might have life and have life more abundantly. It is the choice of the individual to come to Jesus. We pray, we give them the word, we teach and we show. But if they are not ready, if they don't receive what the Lord is saying it is between them and Jesus.

Remember Jesus loves unconditionally, no matter what we have done he forgives, but we will pay for the wrong we have done. God bless you.

Sister in Christ



When we go through trials, when we go through the fire, when we wade through water, when we are in the valley of despair, Jesus is just letting us know, my child I am working everything that is not of me, I am working it out of you, and working for you.

Jesus said just as gold is tried in the fire so are we that love the Lord are tried. Each of us go through different things, we are here for one another, we are here to boost each other, I praise God for it. God is not finished with us because he want us to be as pure GOLD, he is not through with us because he want us to have unconditional love, he is not through with us until we can forgive each other, until we can repent. When we have done all those things and more, he is still not finished.

Fill my cup Lord and lift me up Lord come and cleanse this yearning in my soul, bread of heaven feed me till I want no more, fill my cup, fill my cup and make us whole. The is my prayer always. I tell the Lord to keep me at the foot of the cross, keep me humble, for he is great and greatly to be praise.

His mercy endures forever, his mercy endures forever, though you stumble and fall, I'll be here when you call, my mercy endures forever. My grace is sufficient for you, my grace is sufficient for you, though you don't have a friend I'm with you to the end, my grace is sufficient for you.

God Bless you E. M. The Lord has great things for you when I wrote this when the Lord gave it to me a few days ago, I sent is to someone else. But as I talk with you and you wanted me to send you whatever the Lord said, I thought about this, because God is not finished with you yet. The things you are going through is just a stepping stone to blessings he has for you, things you have prayed for, things you have asked, relationships you have ask to be restored will be restored, restoration is finally coming to you Elaine keep your heart open to receive what the spirit is saying to you, keep your ears open to hear the voice of Jesus when he speak to you, keep your eyes open and behold the beauty of the Lord. 

Sister in Christ


I am the Lord your God I would speak to you this day, You are going to and fro, you are bumping your heads against the wall, have I not told you I am the peace speaker, I am the peace maker. My peace I leave with you saith the Lord.

The world is crying out for peace, they need to know who the peace maker is, I have called you to speak peace to the people, I have called you to speak the word, I have called you to tell the people of me saith the Lord. Don't you know that I am the very essence of PEACE have I not told you to call upon me, have I not told you to seek peace and peruse it saith the Lord.

When I went on the cross, and said it is finished, satan thought is was really finished, he did not realize it was just the beginning for my people. I spoke the word it was done, I still speak the word and it is still done saith the Lord. As I formed man from the dust of the earth, as I put them in the fire to bring them out as pure gold, if there is a scar upon their face or body it goes back into the fire, so it can come out pure.

Jesus is saying peace be still, stop running here and there, stop running for a rolling stone gathers no moss, they are not stable in anything they do. Be still and know that I am God saith the Lord, I am still the PEACE SPEAKER.

Peace be still he said peace be still that's all the master had to say. peace be still he said peace be still, then the dark clouds had to roll away. Peace, peace wonderful peace coming down from the father above, sweep over my spirit forever I pray.

When I say peace be still the walls will come down, when I say peace be still things start to happen for my children, my body of Christ things will happen for you. Peace be still, be still and know that I am God saith the Lord.

Sister in Christ