Dear Friends,

Let me introduce you to my precious friend and Sister in Christ, Dorothy. She came to me in a great time of need in my life, and has given me words from the Lord which put me back in my tracks as a Christian. Sometimes, Christians, in the midst of a storm, we tend to forget the Lord's true Power, and works. And since many of what she receives, is good for all of us. So here are those words of prophecy, wisdom, and love, from God's whisper to her pen, enjoy...

Hello everyone, my name is Dorothy B. Goodman. I am 81 Years Old, have 15 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren,great-great grandchildren.. Four plus one (Elaine Marie) adopted children.I have a son-in law whom I just LOVE name Robert  I live in Texas City, TX. I am Born Again child of the King Saved since 1965 - Water baptized in Jesus name. Saved HOLY GHOST filled speak in tongues as the spirit of the Lord give utterance. I love praying for people, Praise Singing. I love to sew, I make my clothes, and my daughter buys me some. I truly hope you'll enjoy the Words the Lord has given me to share with you all, God Bless you,
Sister Dorothy

Do you believe in God's Word, do you believe in God's Promises...? 

1- Jesus said: Ask of me, Believe and Ye Shall receive.
2- "Now" Prophetic Word: I have Redeemed thee.
3- A Call to Repentance.
4- All who are Sick with Cancer and other Diseases. (a prayer)
5- Follow-me I'll make you Fishers of Men.

God is talking to you... take some time and listen to what He has to say!

1- When the Word has Gone Forth.
2- His Grace and Mercy.
3-Jesus Came to Save Sinners.
4- He is not Finished with you.
5- Peace be still.

"I am the Lord your God, hear what I have to say...!"

1- Can't get away from the water.
2- Still can't get away from the water.
3- I, Giving God the Glory.
4- Sin is to Blame!
5- All who are Sick with Cancer and other Disease (Version. # 2.)

God has a Word for you....

1- The Sword of Truth.
2- His Grace and Mercy (Version. #2.)
3- Cutting away the Edges.
4- Getting ready for Battle.
5- We are the Champions.
6- I have sent my Prophets many times.
7- I Desire your Praises.

"I am Calling you!" says the Lord...

1- I am Calling You.
2- Standing in the Safety Zone.
3- On this Day of Pentecost.
4- Why do You Feel Empty?
5 - I Will Bless You Now.
6- It's a new Day.
7- Open Door.

When God is Silent... He Is Working on Our Behalf!

1- When God is Silent!
2- Just felt led.
3- Come and Dine.
4- Maturity.
5- My Bidding.
6- Ye are the Light of the World.
7- Get ready

Behold I am the Lord your God I would speak unto you this...

1- Beware of the trap.
2- The Potters house.
3- Discouraged to be Encouraged.
4- I am Holy saith the Lord.
5- Getting us ready for the battle.
6- Lord You are Worthy.
7- Dreamed of 24 Elders.

I am the Lord your God, remember in Me you live...

1- In Me you live.
2- Response to Sound the Alarm.
3- Yield to Me.
4- I will separate them.
5- When I see the Blood.
6- WOE unto the rebellious people.
7- Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

Behold I am with you always saith the Lord... 

1- My Reflection is in you.
2- Prayer for Prayer Warrior.
3- I will separate saith the Lord.
4- Why are you hurting my prophets?
5- Eagles stirreth the nest.
6- Why am I still hanging on the cross?
7- In the secret place of my garden.

Will God have to apologize

1- Will God have to apologize...
2- Bending or Breaking?
3- Eye of the Storm.
4-An open door of Blessings.
5- Eagles stirreth... (part2)
6- I am the Lord!
7-Calling you to a higher place of praise.

I can see what you cannot see

1- It's time to eat meat.
2- The Lord God is strong and mighty.
3- I can see what you cannot.
4- Brought me out of darkness.
5- "The Army of God".
6- As in the Valley of Dry bones.(1)
7- As the storms of life are raging.

Be strong I am your God

1- Think it not strange.
2- When the storms of life are raging.
3- Have I not told you?
4- God is your co-pilot.
5- Be not discouraged.
6- Is it I Lord?
7- Watch & see.

I am your shepherd saith the Lord 

1- Doing your Bidding.
2- Have I not told you to trust Me?
3- Husbands, love your wives.
4- Jehovah-Rohi: the Lord your Shepherd
5- Who am I?????
6- Jesus is God.
7- Let not your heart be troubled.

Faith is the KEY
1- Why are you not listening?
2- I have spoken many times.
3- I have given you faith.
4- The Stirring pot.
5- Can these bones live?
6- I watch over my word.
7- Have I not told you?

Be not afraid 

1- Be Bold in Me
2- I am in your midst
3- No Weapon formed against you
4- I will lead you
5- You who are asking for healing of your marriages